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Just on the fiftieth anniversary of the European Parliament, marked on March 19, 2008, the European institute, together with the Center for Policy Modernization and Europe Gateway is launching a large-scale communication project.

The Project "Now - Interacting with the European Parliament", presented by the European Institute - Bulgaria, has been approved in the framework of the EP Annual Grant Program - 2008 through DG "Information". This project includes the implementation of various communication activities, corresponding to the EP annual priorities. It also includes a development of an interactive informational system.

The campaign aims to stimulate the inclusion of the European citizens and NGO from 20 member states in the EU in a common public European debate. This is a great opportunity to look forward the new and bigger role of the European parliament in the decision -making procedures of the EU according The Treaty of Lisbon. It requires to promote a better dialoguebetween the EP and  the citizens and to improve the functioning of EU institutions.

The campaign "Now - Interacting with the European Parliament" takes place in internet and includes producing and distribution of informational and analytical press materials on strategic issues in the EP activity, also internet debates, video chats with MEPs. The planned radio programs on the activity of the European Parliament will be prepared and performed jointly by Radio Bulgaria, RFI-Romania and radio Yvelines - France.

Thanks to the partnerships the messages of the project will be distributed to the citizens of 20 different member states of the EU. The campaign will continue until the end of April 2009 when the final phrase of the preparation for the next elections for the EP takes place.

Media partners of the campaign "NOW-Interacting with the European Parliament" are Radio Bulgaria - BNR, RFI-Romania, Radio Yvelines - France. The European Institute provided also the support of PASOS network- Czech Republic, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) - Belgium; CHALLENGE Project network; Balkan Communication Network (BCN) , and etc.

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