Letter by President Barroso to the Members of the European Parliament

07-09-2010 / Analyses

Letter by President of the European Commission Barroso to the Members of the European Parliament, September 7, 2010, Strasbourg "Dear President Buzek, One year ago I presented my political guidelines for the next five years to the European Parliament and I proposed a special relationship between the Parliament and the Commission. I am pleased to see that in the few short...

US Ambassador on the Bulgarian media

18-06-2010 / Analyses

Statement by Ambassador James B. Warlick, made at the roundtable on media, organized in Sofia on June 18, 2010, by the Konrad Adenauer and the Democracy Foundations. I am honored to be invited here to join in the discussion of this important issue. As an American diplomat, I pride myself on the historical role my country played in championing the ideal of the free press. As...

Future of the EU Single Market

10-06-2010 / Analyses

Article by Illiana Ivanova, MEP for the Parliament magazine EP Today Europe is suffering deeply from the severe economic crisis. We have always underlined unity in diversity as one of the core values of European integration. The EU internal market has always been respected as one of the best achievements of European integration. At the same time, we have never fully used...

Europe 2020 – European Citizens and the EU institutions

02-05-2010 / Interactive

On April 26 in Milano was held the third and final presentation of the book “Europe 2020: Civic Vision”. The meeting was organized with the kind cooperation of the Information Office of the European Parliament in Milano and its director Mrs. Cavenaghi-Smith. “Europe 2020: Civic Vision” was presented by the director of the Bulgarian foundation European...

Irina Bokova, Unesco's First lady (Article by

02-05-2010 / Analyses

Irina Bokova's office is at the extremity of one of the arms of the star shaped Head Quarters of Unesco. The plush corridors leading to her office are lined with an impressive selection of modern art. For an organisation defined as the ‘conscience of the world’, this is hardly surprising. Ushered in just minutes after a meeting with the Minister of Culture of...

Public presentation in Brussels of the book "Europe 2020 - Civic Vision"

01-05-2010 / Analyses

A public presentation of the book "Europe 2020 - Civic Vision" was organized in Brussels on 13 April, 2010, in partnership with the Bulgarian MEPs Mariya Nedelcheva and Vladimir Urutchev. Special guest was French MEP Pascale Gruny. The book's presentation was followed by a discussion with the participation of young Bulgarian citizens, who were in the audience, and were...

VoxBox discussion “Europe’s role in the world by 2020 – the civic vision” in Brussels

01-05-2010 / Analyses

A VoxBox discussion at the European Parliament in Brussels, broadcast live on the internet on Europe Gateway on April 14, 2010. A discussion about the role of Europe as a global player in the long-term perspective was organized on April 14, 2010, at the voxbox studio in the European Parliament’s studio in Brussels. The debate was streamed live on the...

Summary - round table in Paris about the EU in 2020 and the enlargement

27-04-2010 / Events

A round table took place in Paris on 22 April 2010, focusing on the future enlargement and the civic vision about Europe in 2020. The event was organized by the European Institute Foundation, the Center for Policy Modernization and Europe Gateway in partnership with and the EP Information Bureau in Paris, which hosted the event. This round table is part of...

Diana Wallis: "We should thrive on EU's diversity"

27-04-2010 / Interviews

Diana Wallis, Vice President of the European Parliament, speaks to journalists from Bulgaria. This special interview is given to Radio Bulgaria, PROBG and Europe Gateway on April 14 2010 on the occasion of the public presentation in Brussels of the book "Europe 2020 - Civic Vision", edited by experts of the European Institute Foundation and its partnering organizations within...

Maroš Šefčovič: The European Citizens' Initiative will take the EU outside of the 'Brussels beltway'

31-03-2010 / Analyses

Comment by Maroš Šefčovič, European Commission Vice-President for Inter-institutional Relations and Administration, given to Europe Gateway by the EC Representation in Bulgaria. For the first time ever, members of the public will be able to call directly for new European laws, under a proposal being made today/on Wednesday by the European Commission. From the...

Europe 2020 – Civic Visions

15-03-2010 / European Parliament

What will Europe be like in 10 years? What are your expectations for the development of the place in which we live together and about the way in which we, the European citizens will live? What has to change in the European Union in the following decade, so that Europe in 2020 measures up more closely to our expectations as citizens? How should it change? What are your personal...

"The soul of Europe is culture"

11-03-2010 / Analyses

Speech by Mrs. Doris Pack, Chairperson of the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament. International conference “Europe 2020 – Civic Visions”, Sofia/Bulgaria, January 30, 2010. (Extracts) I will start by some comments on what has been already said at this conference. I would like to point out, first of all, that the European...

“Europe and Freedom”

11-03-2010 / Analyses

Public speech by HE Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament. Aula Magna, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ochridsky”, Bulgaria, March 3, 2010. (Extracts) Dear Mr. Rector, Madame Tsacheva – President of the Bulgarian Parliament, dear colleagues, dear friends, but specially – dear students, When I asked few minutes ago some students if...

February 15 – anniversary of the start of Bulgaria’s accession negotiations with the EU

13-02-2010 / Analyses

On Monday Bulgaria marks the 10-th anniversary since the beginning of the negotiations for European Union membership. The official opening of the negotiations process was on 15 February 2000, when the first sitting of the Inter-governmental Accession Conference took place in Brussels. In fact, on this day, the European Union formally opened the membership procedure for six...
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