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Europe 2020 – European Citizens and the EU institutions

22-04-2010 / European Parliament

On April 26, Monday, 11.00h, at the Information Office of the European Parliament in Milano will be held the final presentation of the book “Europe 2020: Civic Vision”( . It summarizes the two-year campaign “Interacting with the European Parliament”, implemented by the...

Europe 2020 – Civic Visions

15-03-2010 / European Parliament

What will Europe be like in 10 years? What are your expectations for the development of the place in which we live together and about the way in which we, the European citizens will live? What has to change in the European Union in the following decade, so that Europe in 2020 measures up more closely to our expectations as citizens? How should it change? What are your personal...

Call for proposals IX-2010/02 — Grants to political foundations at European level

08-06-2009 / Tenders

Article 191 of the Treaty establishing the European Community says that the political parties at European level are an important factor for integration within the Union. They contribute to forming a European awareness and expressing the political will of the citizens of the Union. In this context, Regulation (EC) No 2004/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4...

eYouGuide - EU to help protect internet users

05-05-2009 / EP News

Zuzana Roithová MEP, together with the Commissioners Reding and Kuneva, today launched the internet website eYouGuide which aims to inform internet users about their rights on the internet. Czech MEP Zuzana Roithová welcomes the step taken by the Commission as it will increase the confidence of internet users in eCommerce. The step is one of the 60 proposals of a...

''In the midst of the economic crisis, European Parliament is setting an example to follow''

05-05-2009 / Highlights

The European Parliament's plenary session in Strasbourg today approved its estimates of revenue and expenditure for the financial year 2010. In the midst of the economic crisis, Members of the European Parliament voted for the further reduction of the Parliament's expenditure by ?6.5m compared to the initial estimates by the Bureau, thus keeping its budget under the...

European Ombudsman strengthens citizens` trust in the EU, Dushana Zdravkova MEP

11-09-2008 / Highlights

In the report on the activities of the Ombudsman adopted today, the Committee on Petitions encourages the Ombudsman to promote good administration and communication on how citizens? can make use of their rights under EU law, especially through the European Network of Ombudsmen. The EP Rapporteur Dushana Zdravkova, (BG) highlighted the rise of admissible complaints and increase in...

50th anniversary of the European Parliament commemorated in Strasbourg - 12 March 2008

18-03-2008 / European Parliament

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To celebrate the European Parliament's 50th anniversary on 19 March 2008, the presidents of the EP, the Council and the Commission each addressed the House in a special sitting in Strasbourg plenary on Wednesday, 12 March 2008. The speeches were preceded and followed by performances by the European Youth Orchestra.

In his opening address, European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering first welcomed several former presidents of the European Parliament, the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, speakers of national parliaments and numerous other dignitaries.


17-03-2008 / Committees

The committees in the European Parliament are permanent, temporary, investigation (inquiry) and subcommittees. The subcommittees, investigation and temporary committees are established in connection with the consideration of specific issues. The permanent committees in the EP are 20. They prepare the work of the MEPs in plenary sessions in specific sectors - foreign affairs,...


17-03-2008 / European Parliament

Following the creation of the EEC and Euratom, the ECSC Common Assembly was expanded to cover all three Communities. With 142 Members, the Assembly met for the first time in Strasbourg on 19 March 1958 as the 'European Parliamentary Assembly'(, changing its name to...

Committee : Petitions

17-03-2008 / Committees

The Committee on Petitions is responsible for the petitions and the relations with the European Ombudsman.

Committee : Constitutional Affairs

17-03-2008 / Committees

The Committee is responsible for the institutional aspects of the European integration process especially within the framework of the preparation and carrying on of conventions and intergovernmental conferences, the implementation of the Treaty on European Union and the evaluation of its effect as well as the institutional impact of the negotiations for EU enlargement.

Committee : Women's Rights and Gender Equality

17-03-2008 / Committees

The Committee is responsible for determining, promoting and protecting women's rights within the European Union and the related Community measures, enhancing women's rights in third countries as well as the equal opportunities policy. Another responsibility of this Committee is the elimination of all sorts of gender discrimination.

Committee : Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

17-03-2008 / Committees

The Committee is responsible for the protection of citizens' rights, human rights and fundamental rights on the territory of the European Union including the protection of minorities. The Committee is also in charge of the measures needed to combat all other forms of discrimination, the protection of physical persons in relation to personal data processing, asylum and...

Committee : Legal Affairs

17-03-2008 / Committees

The committee focuses on the interpretation and application of European Union law, the conformity between EU legal acts and the primary European law, the observance of the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality and control of the adherence to the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality. The Committee is also in charge of the interpretation and application of...
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