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Ballot-paper Numbers are Now Clear / 13-05-2009

The Central Electoral Committee for the European Parliament Elections (CECEPE) in Bulgaria drew lots for the numbers of the parties and coalitions for the ballot-papers for the European Parliament Elections on June, 7th.

Ballot-paper numbers are, as follows:

1.Order, Law and Justice Party - ballot-paper number 1.
2.Political Party LIDER - ballot-paper number 2.
3.CEDB (GERB) - ballot-paper number 3.
4.MRF (DPS) - ballot-paper number 4.
5.Political Party "Ataka" - ballot-paper number 5.
6.Coalition for Bulgaria - ballot-paper number 6.
7."Protection" Patriotic Forces Alliance - ballot-paper number 7.
8.NMSS Stability and Prosperity - ballot-paper number 8.
9.Bulgarian Social Democracy - ballot-paper number 9.
10.Bulgarian New Democracy Party - ballot-paper number 10.
11.Blue Coalition - ballot-paper number 11.
12.Green Political Party - ballot-paper number 12.
13.Coalition "Forward" - ballot-paper number 13.

The total of 10 parties and 3 coalitions will participate in the European Parliament elections. The voting-paper will list 17 candidates from each party, coalition or initiative committee. The ballot-paper will be protected against counterfeiting. For instance, the logo with the stars from the flag of the European Union will be protected from copying with a copier.

According to the CECEPE spokesman, the voting-papers have sufficient protection. The envelope for the voting-paper has standard measurements and will be filled enough so that it will be impossible to guess the voter's choice.

The deadline for registration was 7 p.m. last night.  Applications were submitted by 17 parties, coalitions and initiative commitees. CECEPE did not register only one coalition - "Libertas" - free citizens - because they did not submit a deposit.

The deadline for registration of the initiative committees for independent candidates is 15th of May. So far two independent committees have applied for registration.



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